The gallery is open back again after the long weekend, and is yet having another gloomy day at the gallery.  The weather of course.

We've also received batch of our Proxies flyers which should reach you shortly.


We like to share some news article we've found on the internet today regarding the increasing support for arts in Singapore:

Singapore Arts Scene Sees Steady Increase In Support

And the headline starts out like this;

A total of 187 Arts Supporters contributed $3.7 million to the arts in 2008, 9% more than in the previous year. These sponsors will receive the Arts Supporter Award from their beneficiaries at a ceremony on 20 November.

The Arts Supporter Award was incepted in 2000 by the National Arts Council to recognise patrons who contribute up to $50,000 in a year to the promotion and development of the arts. The award aims to encourage a wider section of the community, particularly local businesses, small-medium enterprises, grassroots organisations and community groups to support the arts.

It is a good news indeed!

And another thing we've found: Iluma in Bugis is featuring artworks by Nanyang Academy students' works.  Some even for sale.
It seems like a good introduction for the art scene in Singapore as well as to recognize young emerging talents:

NAFA collaborates with Iluma Shopping Centre to bring arts to public

All in all, it is good to see our talents being on par with the 'second wave' of mainland Chinese works.  The rising talents of Generation Y artists from Indonesia and the predicted upbeat art market in the region in the near future.
Just before you start reading; this is entirely based on personal view..

Last weekend, I happened to be at Zouk night club.
Although I have been in Singapore for a while, I am far from expert when it comes to places to go.

Hence it was my very first time going to Velvet Underground. Which just amazed me and it seemed unbelievable that their walls of the first lounge were covered in prints by Andy Warhol.

Through the entrance hallway's wall hanged prints by now-so-ultimate-pop Japanese artist; Murakami's works.
Inside the dance floor, there was a huge panel of Keith Haring's work illuminated by flickering lights. Across the room from Keith Haring was a huge panel of artwork by Brazilian artist; Roméro Britto hanging behind the bar.

It was very chic interior and the number of collection was impressive indeed: Velvet was fully equipped with modern pop art.
As much as it sure will be a good investment, those artworks seem to work magic with their interiors as well.

Of course, when you think of pop art, instantly you'll think of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. But there are lots more, and some of those emerging pop artists are from Singapore.
As much as I enjoyed viewing the works at Velvet Underground, I do hope to see Singapore's own pop art coming out like this soon someday.