Among other artworks of wide variety, from traditional Balinese art to Asian pop art, Kenyem's art work has been auctioned at Larasati last week. (so was the artist whose work will be featured in our next coming up showcase..)
*lots can be checked on www.larasati.com
Auction is always great to nurture your arty mind to check the art scene and its market, even though it might be rather tough to sit for long hours.  Just like other several auctions earlier this month, Larasati was as much enjoyable and so was its atmosphere.  The place is set up in the warehouse space, but the inside is a very chic nice gallery - just like an arty space you imagine or seen in NYC-,  and you'll be literally sitting at an auction surrounded by the artworks.
Speaking of the space, we've rearranged the Kenyem's paintings in the gallery. So please do drop by to check it out!