Thank you very much for those who joined us on the opening of solo exhibition by I Nyoman Sujana Kenyem.Wewere really pleased with well numbered attendance despite the opening had to be rescheduled in mid week.  We really appreciate your supportand we hope you enjoyed the night.

On the opening day, we had surprise attendance by artist as well, which was very fortunate as some of us - of coursemay have had lots to ask about his paintings.  The observation andanalysis of artworks may be always written anyhow, but couldn't be better if you could just have a nice little conversation about concept with the artist. 

As for the exhibition, it is still running throughout the month, so even if your favorite piece may have been reserved and sold already, it would still be nice to swing by and have a look at works by Kenyem. We're pretty sure his artworks are very pleasants and soothing to your eyes especially if you've been work hard in the office facing computers all day...

The pictured blue painting is titled Semusim, and was favorite of one of the guests at the opening night.  She kept on going back to the painting and told us that she wanted to put it up on the wall just above her bed.  So here's one idea already, and we couldn't agree more that his painting is very relaxing.  Couldn't we say more that we probably have the most calming working space right now...

Lastly, if you have any feedback for our opening reception night, we'll be happy to hear them; suggestions, questions, etc will be appreciated.

Sampai kali lain! (see you next time!)

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