Showcase 2010 - sneak preview -  D'peak Art Space Singapore
We would like to give you another peep into our upcoming Shocase 2010 this Friday.

Nguyen Hung Trinh is from Vietnam and here's some info extract about him from

Nguyen Hung Trinh has loved painting since he was young. He has spent a long time trying to create something specific, a new way to paint and has finally achieved it by painting using one finger and a palette knife . His style is combination of three techniques: abstract, surrealist and expressionist.

"My work, first of all, is about a journey inward.
I don’t like to portray reality. What I prefer to do, by my own artworks, is to look for something I met in a dream, something I found accidentally at the corner of my heart. I try to paint, intuitively, a lyrical feeling or a metaphysical thought.
For me, to paint is an attempt to catch up with something that is not only fragile but also unknown. I discover and create my own soul at the same time. I recognize my innermost being through the colors and the figures on the canvas. Imitating the best known phrase by Descartes, I would like to say: I paint, therefore, I am.
The journey inward, therefore, is also a journey outward."
10/19/2010 18:30:51

The window open, You son of my blessing will come with the wind wave, You put the curtains, My blessing will come with sunlight, I take you to open the space, I wish I walked with.

3/28/2012 17:40:04
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