26th Feb 2010 - 26th Mar 2010

Showcase 2010 is an art setting, conjured by D’Peak Art Space Singapore this season to gather emerging talents from Myanmar, Indonesia, and Japan. 

D’Peak aim to deliver these artists to the audience, creating an occasion for them to set about their voyage into the voluminous art ambience; and reviving mutual understanding that bridges the audience with the artists during the celebrative and interactive opening night on 26th Feb.  Features of their personal art deciphering will be sifted by in-house curator, Jenn Choo.

From the colorful mimic and witty interpretation of classical Borneo-Malay idioms, to the spectrum of modern social idealism and inner-strung affinity, these artists aim to showcase their modern contemporaryy artistry within the canvas.

Participating artists are Kyi Winn, Sui, Ekwan Marianto & Andy Wahono.

    Showcase 2010