Recap is on fullthrottle with selected Contemporary Chinese paintings for you to check out. The exhibition will run until 24th April 2010, don't miss it!
Following our previous exhibition presenting numbers of artists in Showcase 2010.
We are preparing our space for one week only showcase 'Recap' opening this Saturday.
Recap will revisit our collections of Contemporary Chinese painting  which are still on the rise despite the economic situation (as you could see in the recent  Sotheby's result).  With the pop art being back on rise again, simultaneously along side with popularity demand for realism art, Recap will cover the diverse genre of the arts created by Chinese artists;  Wang Yang, Ma Yue, Li Kai Liang, Xie Chang Yong, Yao Jun Zhong.

The exhibition is opening tomorrow from 3pm onwards.
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This Singapore artist, a very prolific one, indeed came up with more adventurous works than the last time.
These images has been updated before the exhibition opening already, but they are ready to be view in the gallery now. 
Last time we updated with new works, it was three 'From Beyond the Unknown' series, but the ones on display are actually different.  As a matter of fact, he ended up delivering us another new painting out of his 'Action Painting' series prior to our opening.
You know what to expect of Andre Tan, and you know you won't be disappointed.
His creative process never seem to ease down, and we just can't wait to see more of his paintings..!
Out of Japan, and through her experiences living in overseas.
It is quite clear that she has been influenced from such experience, and western cultures. For this showcase, she calls the three collection "Hide and Seek"
Kyi Wynn, an artist from Myanmar has had his artworks exhibited number of times overseas.
In fact, this is not his first appearance in Singapore.
He has already been featured in Art Season in 2005, as part of Myanmar Modern Group Exhibition.

This time around in Showcase 2010, we feature some of his newer works. Of French President Sarkozy, and USA President Obama, as well as combination of two distinctive Dutch artists; Vincent van Gogh and Piet Mondrian.
 As well as his previous works, he's artworks are composed of juxtaposition of modern society elements.  The composition of elements do not appeal strongly as one wouldn't perceive the artist's opinion straight away, hence it is observably possible; the interpretation and, how one connects such elements are left up to viewers. However one thing that is clear is that viewer can see the calmness in the artworks as artist's wish for peace.
Compared to many of western or even some eastern contemporary artworks that speaks out loud against society, Kyi Wynn's artworks are not very aggressive as such.  However, given the fact that art contexts are somehow oppressed in Myanmar, that buyers actually do go visit artist personally to purchase the artworks, because they cannot be exhibited in public places that grants access to everyone, and possibly could influence in any way, one can clearly see that Kyi Wynn subtly speaks out through his works.

1989       Started Exhibition

1994       Rectangular Lantern painting Show (2), Medical Association Centre in Mandalay

1994       Modern Art Show, Judson Hall in Yangon

1996       Modern Art Exhibition, Yangon

1997   Lakanat Annual Show, Lakanat Gallery in Yangon


2000   New Year Exhibition, Ava Hotel Mandalay

2001   Meridian Painting Show, Summit Parkview in Yangon

2001   New Zero Art Exhibition (1) Lakanat Gallery in Yangon

2002   New Zero Art Exhibition (2) Lakanat Gallery in Yangon

2003   Installation & Painting (International Symposium & Workshop) Beikthano Gallery in Yangon

2004   New Zero Art Exhibition (3) Lakanat Gallery in Yangon

2005   New Zero Art Exhibition (4) Lakanat Gallery in Yangon

2006   New Zero Art Exhibition (5) Lakanat Gallery in Yangon

2006   Art & Artist Association Group Exhibition Kuthodaw Gallery in Mandalay



2007       5 Synthetic Group Exhibition, Panthu Sandar Gallery in Mandalay



2007    Burmese-American Art Exchange ( USIS) American Centre in Yangon

2008    Donation Art Group Show for Cyclone Nargis, Panthu Sandar Gallery in Mandalay

2008    Donation Art Group Show for Cyclone Nargis, Lakanat Gallery in Yangon

2008    Myanmar Contemporary Art “Spirit” Group Exhibition, Beikthano Gallery in Yangon

2009    Asean Contemporary Art Exchange Thamada Hotel in Yangon

2009    Green Heart Environmental Exhibition, Man Myanmar Hotel in Mandalay

2009    Relay Group Exhibition, Lakanat Gallery in Yangon



Oversea Exhibition:


2003       Yaddo Art Grup Exhibition (A group exhibition by four artists from Myanmar) in Singapore

2005       Myanmar Modern Group Exhibition, Art Season Gallery in Singapore

2006       Gold Leaf Myanmar Contemporary Art from Myanmar 2006, the Dahara Dhevi Gallery Kad

                Dahara Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai, Thailand

2008    Lahonas,Drome provençale,  15-june-08 to 15-august-08,Exhibition Paris

2008    The Art Miles Mural Project    12-Dec -2008 Trocadero, Paris

2009   “WE ARE BURMA” Group Exhibition,

                   June 4th to July 4th 2009, Leila Gallery, Cafe Leila,Bertley, California, USA.


"Nguyen Hung Trinh has loved painting since he was young.  He has spent a long time trying to create somehting specific, a new way to paint and has finally achieved it by painting using one finger and a palette knife.  His style is combination of three techniques: abstract, surrealist and expressionist." as we have already quoted previously in our blog.

The two painting by the Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Hung Trinh, in our gallery, is of two women, and a man.  What you get to see when you look at the painting is rather striking movement of colors.  With his unique method of application of colors, instead of muddling them all together into gray, he let the colors interact on their own on the canvas with his own trace.
To judge whether the paintings are the happy paintings, or sad paintings, is just like any other work, will be up to audiences.  Subtle expression of subjects, and almost violent movement of the color will lead audiences to comprehend the artworks with many emotions.

2007     'Myth Day', Saigon-USA, CA, USA
2006     'Recent Works' Tu Do Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
2004     'Modern Art Talks Vietnamese', Stuttgart, Germany
2002     'Timeless Refrain', Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney, Australia
             'At the corner', Gabriel Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
             'Time of Human Being 3' Tu Do Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2001     'Time of Human Being 2', Bich Cau Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
2000     'Time of Human Being 1', Haong Hau Hotel, Dalat, Vietnam
Since last night, we have officially opened up the exhibition: Showcase 2010.
We initially planned this Showcase for 14days, but now it's been extended to usual 4weeks exhibition. So this show will be on until 26th of March now.

The artists represented in this exhibition are;

Andi Wahono
Boyke Aditya Krishna S
Ekwan Marianto
Nur Khamim

Nguyen Hung Trinh


Andre Tan

Kyi Wynn
The rest of artworks you can check out in the gallery yourself.. ;)
Just an insight into what we do in the gallery prior to the exhibition opening. This carpentry doesn't happen everyday, though we are somehow capable we'd say, and despite the sluggish weather today, we somehow managed to stretch artworks from Myanmar in the end.

The artworks that came in yesterday, is from Burmese artist. This will be his first appearance in our gallery.
Along with Burmese art we've got yesterday, we also got paintings from a Japanese artist today;  mostly of portraiture paintings.
The more we get of artworks, the more exciting we are for the exhibition to open.  I think it is going to be literally a colorful exhibition, in terms of diversity of artworks and as well as the mish mash of different cultures...!
We would like to give you another peep into our upcoming Shocase 2010 this Friday.

Nguyen Hung Trinh is from Vietnam and here's some info extract about him from

Nguyen Hung Trinh has loved painting since he was young. He has spent a long time trying to create something specific, a new way to paint and has finally achieved it by painting using one finger and a palette knife . His style is combination of three techniques: abstract, surrealist and expressionist.

"My work, first of all, is about a journey inward.
I don’t like to portray reality. What I prefer to do, by my own artworks, is to look for something I met in a dream, something I found accidentally at the corner of my heart. I try to paint, intuitively, a lyrical feeling or a metaphysical thought.
For me, to paint is an attempt to catch up with something that is not only fragile but also unknown. I discover and create my own soul at the same time. I recognize my innermost being through the colors and the figures on the canvas. Imitating the best known phrase by Descartes, I would like to say: I paint, therefore, I am.
The journey inward, therefore, is also a journey outward."